Dating Coach For Women Over 40: What To look For

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Dating Coach

If you are a woman who is dating over 40 and divorced you are probably re-entering the online dating world after being out of it for many years.

That is why a dating coach would be of great value to you as you begin to build your new life as a single woman. Think about it, what you wanted in a guy and who you dated in your 20′s is far different from what you are looking for at this stage of your life. But this is not easy to sort out because there are many factors that go into finding and meet quality men the second time around.

You don’t want to use the trial and error method. This strategy is basically, try this approach or try that idea and see what happens.

Believe me that approach is so frustrating and unsuccessful that soon you will just give up on the whole idea of dating and resign yourself to spending the rest of your live without a partner.

Using an online dating coach for your love life is no different than using a financial adviser to help you with your finances. Your love life and finding a fulfilling relationship is as important as your investments and financial security because both are central to living a satisfying and happy life.

So now the question you might ask is: What qualifications and experience should you look for in a selecting one of the thousands of dating coaches out there?

Naturally you would want someone you can trust and you respect as an experienced professional. But to help you get a clearer vision here are 3 fundamental tips of what to look for in a dating coach for women after 40.

Tip # 1: Male vs Female Dating Coaches

Sometime women want a man’s perspective and other times you want to the perspective of someone who has walked in you high heels (a woman that is a dating coach).

If the latter is the case for you, find a female dating coach who is focused on your life situation (divorced women who are over 40). Since you are divorced you will want a female coach who went though her own successful search for Mr. Right.

Nothing is more valuable than a coach that has gone through the experience of divorce versus a coach who thinks she understands the issues around divorce (or being over 40) but has not had the actual experience herself.

The reason you want a female coach is because she is tuned into the females’ psyche, emotions, needs and blind spots and can more effectively lead you through the twists and turns of successfully dating over 40.

Tip # 2: A Good Coach Will Help You Uncover Your Core Values

Look for a dating coach whose coaching includes working with you to get clear on your values, deal breakers and emotional needs. A good relationship coach will have the experience to help you be realistic, but at the same time not settle for less than you desire in a partner.

An experienced coach can take you through a process that will help you get a clear understanding of the characteristics and values that a potential partner would need to have to best match your needs.

After working with a coach many women discover that what they thought they wanted in a partner in reality was not what they really needed to have in a partner. Through the dating coaching process, the truth is revealed and that is key in finding your one and only.

Tip # 3: You Want A Coach That Knows How To Date Other Than Online Dating

Get a dating coach that does not necessarily push online dating. You want a coach with substance and experience in how to meet men in more natural ways.

You want a dating coach that has a strategy and process that takes you step by step toward finding your Mr. Right. Dating is no different than anything you do in your life that is of prime importance to your happiness and well being.

That is why preparing and planning beforehand will have a significant impact on the outcome when dating after divorce. Granted your friends and family are readily handing out advice to you about dating real men (marriage minded ones).

Although people close to you have the best intentions to help you through this difficult time in your life they don’t have the expertise and insight that you will receive from a dating coach. You will gain incredible value through working with a dating coach especially if you are a woman over 40.

She will help you achieve the self assurance and clarity that you need to have when re-entering the online dating scene. With the support and expertise of a qualified women’s dating coach you will soon be walking hand in hand with your soulmate.

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